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Monitoring all over the world with 3G Network for not more than 10$ monthly payment

The MONITOR™ is a free web service that shows the latest posted picture and sensor data. With 2$ USB Camera and Raspberry Pi, you can get your D.I.Y. Monitoring for an inexpensive cost.

You can get started MONITOR™ for Free here!

Even at the place where no available network access all over the world, your Monitoring system still works well with 3G dongle & International Data SIM card.

I write from now on how to set up an inexpensive 3G network environment on your RaspberryPi easily. USB 3G dongle and Data SIM card utilities "gc_modem" In General, a setting of USB 3G dongle and SIM Card is troublesome works with bizarre technical terms, like udev rule, apn, and so on.
The "gc_modem" is useful utilities to change there troublesome works mentioned above to just select the name of dongle and SIM card which you'll use. 
gc_modem is consist of the following parts: udev_rules : Definitions of each USB 3G dongles which will be mentioned.wvdial : Definitions of each…

How to get Time Series Chart of the room Temperature, Relative Humidity and Humidity Deficit with 3$ sensor "DHT22" and Raspberry Pi without any electronic works nor any programming.

DHT22 (AM2302) temperature & humidity Sensor Though DHT22 (another name AM2302) sensor is small and low-cost, but have a decent quality of precision of measuring temp/humidity.
You can buy the ready to use breakout of DHT22 for 3 - 4$ from eBay.

Why measure the room humidity as well as temperature Not only to get comfortable air but also to measure and control humidity has a lot of purposes, for example:
- In high humidity rooms like summer or monsoon season in Japan, where I live in, It often grows the mold everywhere on the wall, clothes, food and so on. The mod can't be active under low relative humidity. I'm controlling my room to keep relative humidity under 60% to block to grows the mold. The filamentous fungi, which is many of the causes of plant disease, is in the same family of mold, so a lot of plant disease also can avoid by humidity control. 
- Some plant is known that they close there pore under hight Humidity Deficit (I'll explain this later) to block loo…