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Monitoring all over the world with 3G Network for not more than 10$ monthly payment

The MONITOR™  is a free web service that shows the latest posted picture and sensor data. With  2$ USB Camera  and Raspberry Pi, you can get your D.I.Y. Monitoring for an inexpensive cost. You can get started MONITOR™ for Free  here ! Even at the place where  no available network access all over the world, your Monitoring system still works well with  3G dongle  &  International Data SIM card . I write from now on how to set up an inexpensive 3G network environment on your RaspberryPi easily. USB 3G dongle and Data SIM card utilities " gc_modem " In General, a setting of USB 3G dongle and SIM Card is troublesome works with bizarre technical terms, like udev rule, apn, and so on. The " gc_modem " is useful utilities to change there troublesome works mentioned above to just select the name of dongle and SIM card which you'll use.  gc_modem is consist of the following parts: udev_rules : Definitions of each USB 3G dongles which will be me

How to get Time Series Chart of the room Temperature, Relative Humidity and Humidity Deficit with 3$ sensor "DHT22" and Raspberry Pi without any electronic works nor any programming.

DHT22 (AM2302) temperature & humidity Sensor Though  DHT22 (another name AM2302) sensor is small and low-cost, but have a decent quality of precision of me asuring temp/humidity. You can buy the ready to use breakout of DHT 22 for 3 - 4$ from  eBay . Why measure the room humidity as well as temperature Not only to get comfortable air but also to measure and control humidity has a lot of purposes, for example: - In high humidity rooms like summer or monsoon season in Japan, where I live in, It often grows the mold everywhere on the wall, clothes, food and so on. The mod can't be active under low relative humidity . I'm controlling my room to keep relative humidity under 60% to block to grows the mold. The filamentous fungi , which is many of the causes of plant disease , is in the same family of mold, so a lot of plant disease also can avoid by humidity control.  - Some plant is known that they close there pore under hight Humidity Deficit (I'll e