What is MONITOR?

Watch your IoT data & photo on Web

Latest Camera image & time series chart of Sensor Data

MONITOR™ provides visualization for your IoT products like a Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone which have Internet connection, GPIO, and USB port.

You can watch you Camera image and Sensor Data on your Web browser at your PC, Tablet, and SmartPhone, by just sending to the MONTOR ™ 

With various Camera modules
Various type of ready-made USB WebCams are available to get Camera Image as:

You can choose best match Camera device with your system requirements. Sample code is available here.
Time-series Chart of Sensor Data
Time-series Chart of latest data are available.
Chart are automatically updated with posting new data from your device.

API for posting data is pritty simple, so you can attach MONITOR to your existing IoT product as easy as 1, 2, 3.

In addition .csv download of data is also available.

Enjoy! Making D.I.Y. Monitoring by ready-made devices, perfect for your need, inexpensive !

The right way to get perfect product, which satisfy your need for cheap, is D.I.Y.
In the world, there are many ready-made valuable & inexpensive devices, like:

  • Board Computer
  • Camera & Sensor Devices
  • Network Interface devices
MONITOR™ is a ready-made valuable & inexpensive Software Solution to provide Visualization to these D.I.Y. eco-system. 
Enjoy making your great D.I.Y. Monitoring Project with MONITOR™! 


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