How to make Security camera with 2$ USB Webam & Beagle Bone Green

and Beagle Bone Green connected to Internet,

You can make Web Base Security Camera System as followsing:

According to BeagleBone Green System Reference Manual section 5.7 USB1 Host Port, the BBG's USB port can provide up to 500mA of current at 5V. It's enough power of current to share USB WebCam and USB WiFi dongle by USB Hub

For you reference, followings are parts list which I'm using.

Step 1. Get account of MONITOR™ and your view_id

On your Web browser, Sign up to MONITOR™, then you can seen following display.

Keep the "view_id" shown in the display, you are setting your Raspberry Pi to take Camera Image & send it to the view.

Step 2. Install & setup View software in your Beagle Bone Green.

The Software is available here. Install & it on your Beagle Bone Green by following steps here.
Please note that you shoud use the view_id which you get at last step, as parameter of command.

Step 3. Setup your Beagle Bone Green & webcam.

This webcam has a useful clip,

So you can setup these easily.

After Raspberry Pi power on, View software running on the Beagle Bone Green, send Camera Image to the MONITOR™ service at 5 minute interval
On your Web Browser, MONITOR™ keep refresh the display with latest Camera Image.

That it!


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